Maternity leave closure

Maternity leave closure

Just to let everyone know that from August, Laura Fox Catering will be temporarily closing for my maternity leave

As many of you know, this is a one-woman business, run by myself in my home kitchen. In early September, I’ll be having our second child, which means I’ll be off for a little while on maternity leave.

This job is physically demanding, with lots of time spent on my feet in the kitchen, as well as packing orders, delivering etc so I’ve decided to take a little bit of time off before baby arrives so I don’t push myself too far (and can also take some quality time with my little boy before he becomes a big brother!)

Therefore I’ll be closing my diary for orders from this weekend (not including those already booked in!) until I return to work which likely to be in the spring, but keep your eyes out for some potential Christmassy bits as a one off!

It’s really daunting pressing pause on a business I’ve put everything into and worked so hard on over the past five years, but it needs to be done during this exciting time for our family.

I’ll be back soon and thank you to customers new and old for all your support!

Laura xx

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