My favourite cake flavours

My favourite cake flavours


Victoria sponge

A true classic – if I ever have a craving for cake in general,  victoria sponge is my go-to flavour of choice. It’s just so comforting and delicious. It’s also super easy to make too, so I don’t hesitate to quickly whip up a quick victoria sponge if I have a craving and can’t get one elsewhere!

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Chocolate fudge cake

Gooey, rich fudgey icing makes this one of my favourite cakes. Wether served warm or cold this is the ultimate indulgence and always satisfies my sweet tooth!


Lemon curd layer cake

I love a zesty lemon sponge. This delicious cake is one of my favourites, especially in the spring time. The zesty flavour and colourful look of the cake really make me think of good weather. I like adding lemon curd as a filling to a lemon cake to give it the ultra citrus hit.


Rich, tasty caramel works perfectly with light fluffy cake sponge. I love caramel combined with chocolate – if it’s not in a brownie then layered between chocolate sponges is perfect!

Warm jam sponge

Think the typical ‘school dinner’ pudding – a light fluffy sponge topped with loads of jam and served warm so the jam goes all runny on top. If it’s served with custard too… amazing. The is my ultimate comfort food and a great indulgence.


What are your favourite cake flavours? I’d love to know!



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