My favourite Christmas treats

My favourite Christmas treats

This time of year is just the BEST for food. For me, the festive season starting is all about the food. I have quite a sweet tooth at the best of times so when gingerbread, mince pies and other tasty treats are on offer, I’m a happy lady!

I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite treats for the festive season, and some recipes so you can make your own versions too.


I think this is the ultimate christmas treat. When these biscuits are in the oven, your whole house immediately smell like Christmas. I always use this BBC Good Food recipe to make my gingerbread and love to experiment with different shapes and decorations.

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Now, cheesecake is definitely an anytime of year treat for me, but I especially love to make it for Christmas celebrations. I make mine with Malteasers or Crunchie bars crumbled into the cheesecake mixture and top it with melted Nutella or chocolate spread.

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Mince pies
You can’t beat a good mince pie with a cuppa, and I always use Mary Berry’s recipe to make mine. I enjoy topping some with a fondant icing circle instead of pastry, as it makes it even sweeter and more indulgent.

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I love a brownie at the best of times. To me, they should be gooey, fudgey and ultra chocolatey. I enjoy making them myself using a recipe from a friend (I think it might be from Sainsburys magazine?) and at Christmas, I like to decorate them like Christmas trees. If I want a break from the kitchen though, my go-to place for great brownies is the amazing Tarte and Berry.

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Festive buffet|
Although during Christmas I mainly indulge in more sweet treats than usual, I do also enjoy the buffets and savoury treats that come along at this time of year. There’s something special about a buffet tea isn’t there?! Every Christmas it’s a bit of a tradition for my best friends and I get to get together to spend the evening chatting and watching Christmas films. Last year the girls came to mine and I put on a buffet which, if I can say so myself, was pretty impressive. Nachos, sausage rolls, honey mustard sausages,homemade wedges, vegetables and dips, baked camembert and french bread, cakes and treats and endless prosecco made for a pretty tasty and enjoyable evening!

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So, there you have it! My Christmas indulgences. What do you like enjoying during the festive season? Do you have any go-to recipes? Let me know!


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